Sep 17, 2007


Well it's about time for us to leave for California... of course we had to get in one last good old hillbilly time with family and friends. So we had the whole gang over and hilarity ensued.

Did Ryan get naked? Nope.. not this time.

Did we put alicia's old cheerleader clothes on Maggie? Nope... not this time.

Did we convince Andy to eat another one of Maggie's dog biscuits containing Bone Mill just by dipping it in Michelle's wedding chocolate fountain leftover? Nope... not this time

Even better; Ryan was watching football downstairs and Alicia begged Andy and me to go and frisk him and try and get the car keys. We agreed but decided it would be a bad thing to take him on in a fair fight since our combined weight is still only as much as one of his legs... so we had the great idea of wearing Mexican wrestler masks to hide our identity. We quickly came to the realization that no paper bag was going to fit over Andy's enormous melon so we improvised and used one of mom's nylons.

Man it's amazing how much a common household nylon will make your best friend look like OJ Simpson. seriously. Anyway with Andy's nylon in place to disguise his identity we were free to try and trick Ryan into standing up from watching the game so Andy could pounce from behind.
Well.. nothing seemed to work. He was really into the game so finally Alicia had to call him upstairs and right then when Andy was about to pounce from behind Ryan saw him out of the corner of his eye and things went bad.

Andy leaped face forward, Ryan leaned back and dodged his assailant who proceeded onward on his original trajectory to the floor where Ryan quickly rolled onto him and put his knee into his chest immobilizing his would be attacker. It was a pretty good time. Did Maggie the 3-legged dog get involved? yup. you know it.

We proceeded to have a great time. Jodi and I are so sad we have to leave so many friends behind. We love it here, but bigger, better things await us in Santa Barbara.

So I cut my hair(not to be outdone by my wife), we rented a truck, we load it today and then we're off. The next post will most certainly be from sunny California. If only that dang Nevada weren't in the way!


  1. I'm so sad that I missed out on the party...and I may have nightmares about Andy in mom's nylons (which sounds funnier than saying Andy with a nylon on his head). Your hair looks great, welcome back to grown up life...

  2. Taylor! You crack me up. You can turn the simplest things into mayhem and adventure! That was really funny. I could hardly keep my hands off that sexy OJ Simpson-look-alike! And I'm proud of Andy for being the first in our family to dare attack Ryan, the ogor. Wasn't so bad, just a few bent arms and carpet burns.

  3. this post has to have some of the funniest pictures i've ever seen....
    something about andy looking retarded and holding a dog treat just makes my day.