Sep 9, 2007

The great city of Parowan and the Iron County Fair

Well as if we haven't traveled enough in the past 3 or 4 months we decided to visit Jodi's sister Carry's family in Cedar City. The trip was great. Carry and Vance have a sweet cabin way up in the Dixie National Forest with horses and several acres.

The place was really neat. they have 3 horses we got to ride. I got stuck on the fat old one named Deacon. To get Deacon to do just about anything you've got to sit there and kick him a ton. At one point I was doing Judo-Karate-KungFu and that sucker was still just mosying on down the trail at his slowest walk.

We had a really great time at the cabin though... until we went and checked on the spring. The bucket which collects the water seeping through the rock needs a new lid because things can get into it and therefore into our water supply. When we cracked open the lid we discovered a bedraggled, half-drowned chipmunk. Chipmunk terd water... delicious.

The next day Vance insisted on us going to the Iron County Fair in Parowan. He assured us it would be a great time. So we arrived and discovered that fairs anywhere are all the same. Just gross.

Now the fair did have it's high points. Hog calling, Demo Derby, Mud-boggin..... Jodi took 2nd place in the husband calling contest and I took 3rd in the wife calling.

Vance took 3rd in the pie eating contest and we all got a free lunch from the hotdog and watermelon eating contest.

But the best part by far was the goofy County royalty. This was ridiculous! There were like 10 girls running around in fantastic clothing like you see above with the biggest hair you've ever seen. My favorite was the green rhinestone shirt with American flags.

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  1. Man, I miss me a good ol fashion county fair. The only place besides San Francisco that you can get away with wearing anything completely studded in Rhinestones...