Sep 5, 2007

home sweet home!

our couch-surfing tour comes back home... that's right. After bouncing from aunts and uncles to sisters and brothers to cars and islands all over California we've finally come home. We've mooched a free bed, couch, blow-up mattress or unused section of the road to sleep everywhere from LA, Catalina Island, Santa Barbara, Monterrey and even San Francisco. But finally, we're home at last. That's not say that we're here to stay, but since we don't move permanently to Santa Barbara until the 18th of September we figured if we're going to be living out of boxes still we'd at least like to be comfortable. Before we left beautiful northern Cali we did get to see some awesome sights. Here we go...

First off Monterrey was SWEET! Emily and Jeremy were super nice to let us stay there.
We loved the aquarium there. It was about the coolest thing we've ever seen. I especially liked the giant tank of sharks, tuna and sunfish. Jodi loved the jellyfish...

Watching them feed the fish was way sweet too.

Then we went to Carmel where we saw awesome Lamborghini's, Michael Caine, cool paintings
and the beautiful 17-mile drive (shown above). I've never seen people so rich that they actually make people pay to just drive by and look at their fancy gated driveways.

After possibly wearing out our welcome in Monterrey we headed for San Francisco to visit my awesome sister, Michelle, and her husband, Aaron. We loved it there. The people watching is so much fun! That place truly is a human game preserve. There are the strangest types of people you can imagine that would only survive in that city.

We of course rode bikes to Golden Gate park where we saw a gigantic, purple, half-submerged head,

a craw-daddy that wanted to fight, and tons of other sweet things.

Jodi took amazing pictures as usual.

900 miles and 13 hours later we finally conquered Nevada though and made it home. Wheww! but the adventure didn't stop there... next post: Cedar City and the Parowan Iron County Fair.

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