Dec 10, 2007

Love this Time of Year

Our small apartment is now complete with all of its wonderful Christmas trimmings. We have tried our best to make the most of our hand-me-down and new decorations. We love this time of year, and it certainly doesn't last long enough.

We try to think of how most of our decorations helps in reminding us of the Savior. Well here they are, take a look...

We have been enjoying the holiday festivities. We went to the Santa Barbara parade. We've never been anywhere that they had a Christmas parade...

Today we celebrated the 2nd advent of Christmas. We made spetzle, rahmschnitzel with mushrooms, gurken salat. We shared it with our Chinese friend, Chunlei. He doesn't speak much English, but he liked it.


  1. I thought you made gurken salat not gorgen salat. Everything looks beautiful. Now if you just had the beautiful white stuff that we have everywhere.

  2. oops! we mispelled it. that is what we made.

  3. It looks beautiful in your apartment, I'm jealous! I wish we had such great decorations. You take great pictures too.

  4. Simply stunning. Nice job, I can smell the hand me down pine boughs from here.