Jan 4, 2008

random..ruh... ruh... random

sorry folks. this one will be random. it was time to clean off many of the pictures on my phone so.. here's some random ones that never made it to the blog on their own.
Let's start with this little beauty... I couldn't help myself. I was sitting in my chair and this guy sat in front of me with this "You're an engineer if..." shirt. Now first off, the shirt wasn't funny. You can read that the reasons were ones such as
1-You have no life- and you can prove it MATHEMATICALLY.
2-It's sunny outside and you're working on your computer.
3-You can translate from English to Klingon to Binary.others were equally lame. However, the most compelling reasons you could tell this specific individual was an engineer are more subtle. Blow up that picture, go ahead, now notice a few things with me.
1- The tons of dandruff fallen all on his shoulders and shirt.
2- The rampant neck hair growth growing not from his HEAD but rather reaching up from his BACK.
3- Lastly the greasy oily hair which you can actually see combed (unfortunately I didn't take the picture high enough to show the smart part and I didn't take it low enough to show his velcro shoes.)
Here's three reminders of much happier times...I put these up because today is not a happy day... In fact Look at this picture and tell me...
"One of these things is not like the others, one of these does not belong."It was like driving 40 miles per hour through a never ending shower, or rather like swimming 40 mph all the way to school. I definitely don't love the rebel somedays.
I rocked my semiconductor lab this last quarter. Here's two cool pictures from it. We built a transistor from scratch! Sorry, that's really cool to me.
I love my three-legged dog, she's a little bit naughty right now.
Somehow this little beauty of a shirt ended up in my luggage when I was moving out to California.
I think my dad gave it to my mom... and somebody took a jab at my rebel riding lifestyle.
We can't make it through a single sunday dinner without this happening. Right before and after this he was making the crystal ring loudly until alicia gets mad at him and dares him to fit it in his mouth. We also can't make it through sunday dinner prayer without david giggling and murmuring spanish praist to jose smith, michelle scowling, me laughing and whispering hail mary's in spanish, jodi kicking me, ryan feeling overwhelmed in his bad decision to join our family, alicia stuffing an entire steak in her mouth and mom getting mad. We have a problem.------------------------------------------------------------------
Ever since David gave Jodi this furry blanket for christmas... she's been wrapped up like a little vampire-book-reading-wife-burrito. Thanks D.
I don't know whether to congratulate myself for my strength or proclaim loudly "WHO DESIGNED THIS??!!" (my favorite phrase) after our crappy garlic crusher cracked in half. Granted I was crushing enough garlic to scare away all the vampires within a 100 mile radius around Forks, WA. That's right... the dang twilight pandemic has hit the sparks household as well. If you don't know what I mean yet, you will soon.
Lastly, my mom has a problem.
Notice how there is like 10 tons of tupperware on my mom's counter here. I threw it all away when Jodi and I bought my mom a nice new set with matching lids because the tupperware was actually reproducing and giving birth to even worse tupperware (without lids)


  1. What about baby Aaron? What does he do during family dinner prayers? Mold his dinner roll into dentures and whisper, "this will only hurt for a second" as he begins his pretend root canal on the bread?

  2. Seriously- how do you have a serious conversation?! You guys- all commentors included- CRACK ME UP! I love the random pictures- very sad bike and Jodi- what book are you on?

  3. it's true... i think that I hear baby aaron mumbling "now... you're just going to feel a little PRESSURE..."

  4. What a dork! (the "engineer") you should have flicked him in the back of the head and then said something... I'm not sure what but something would have been good.

  5. Yeah, what about baby Aaron. I think he just lies low and hopes that no one will notice him...or prays for all of our souls.

  6. i like jodi BEST as a vampire-book-reading-wife-burrito.

    For sure.

  7. I love that you took a photo of a dude with out him knowing it....Those sorta things excite me..I love it. keep it up.