Mar 28, 2008

always swim with a buddy

look who we went swimming with today.
Check the sweet video!
Here's a few still shots of the "hono" which I think is hawaiian for sea turtle.


  1. Nice effects! that new computer/camera program sure did you well this time. I could hardly tell what was actually real and what was staged.

    Maybe someday you could insert me in one of those scenes.

  2. it's 100% real my friend.
    I put my head underwater and lo and behold a turtle was there, so we followed him around for 15 minutes.
    Only afterwards did we find out you can get a huge fine for even getting close to turtles, let alone harassing them by swimming in circles around them.
    don't believe me? check the video.

  3. Wow. I'm sure glad that you invested in (and tested) that sweet underwater camera. I think only the Sparks have those sorts of incredible adventures. By the way, we've missed you!

  4. Sweet combover! How do you keep such great form underwater even? Lots of hard gel? Rockin Hawaii in style, I would expect nothing less.

  5. it's taken 25 years of hard discipline to train this beauty of a combover. But you know what they say... spare the rod, spoil the combover.

  6. that is so cool. while we are here in freakin cold england you are swimming in warm water with sea turtles. Awesome