Jun 1, 2008

bear on the loose.

seriously. Look what we woke up to yesterday morning.

The bear was spotted one block from where we live. There were hundreds of these flyers all over.

Where are we? For real! I lived in the middle of the dang rocky mountains and I never had bears ONE BLOCK from my house on the loose! outside of the cougar andy swears he saw and the lala we didn't really have anything too dangerous at all, but here in the middle of drunken isla vista we get attacked by bears.

All things considered: cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, fires... I'm pretty much ok if all we get's a lost bear from time to time. I mean he's not even a grizzly.
We decided since apparently the bears were attacking the city the mountains might be the safest place to be, so we went hiking. Here's jodi playing with tadpoles. She was thrilled. We had to sit there for 10 minutes while she poked little polywogs and squealed with joy as they swam around.

Just try and tell me a dragon doesn't live in there.


  1. Not a dragon. That is where the bear USED to live. HEY BEAR!! hey bear?

  2. That cage is so delightful. I love it

  3. Bears huh? That's like when we had a freaky big spider outside our sixth floor window or our neighbors had a snake climbing up their stairwell or we found racoons in the bowling ally garbage can (okay the racoons kind of fit). Everything is topsy turvy in the city these days, next thing you know we will have mountain men selling pelts on the corner...oh wait I think I've already seen that one too...

  4. My guess would be that the dragon has moved on. You see, they're like cats and don't have thumbs... It would simply be too hard for dragon to open and close that gate.

  5. So... funny story: I ran into a mysterious link in my phone the other day leading me to an ask-a-scientist website... What the? Heaven knows I need help with my science homework but I could not figure out what it was for.
    Imagine my delight when I logged onto it and found my two long lost friends! As it turns out, I ran into Jodi in December, made the note in my phone and evidently saved it for a little surprise. It's great to see how well ya'll are doing!!