Jun 14, 2008

Scout Hike

Whelp, we did it. 11.56 miles according to Google's Jog Map Calculator. You'd think we were crossing the plains though the way those scouts complained! Granted we did walk along the beach for many of those miles and with the cliff on one side and the ocean on the other we had a very narrow, rocky, wet trail to follow. There were like 10 million dead creatures and the scouts had to stop at each one and poke it or jab it. There was even a huge dead sea lion, it was like the size of a sofa just parked there rotting on the beach. Then we reached the giant kelp bubble.

Oh dear. The scouts were really excited about the giant kelp bubble. They carried it for miles and miles. (literally) whipping eachother and everything with it every step of the way.

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