Aug 18, 2008

Germany 2008: PART 1- Camp Loll Reunion

We're back! We survived our trip to Germany, it was amazing. This is part 1, our Camp Loll staff reunion. For those who don't know, that's the scout camp where Jodi and I first met and where we worked for a long long time. They just so happened to be having their first ever reunion 2 days before we were going to Germany so we just left a few days early and went and saw it!

Here's me and my best friend Andy up Adam's Canyon.

I hiked the 16 miles to Union Falls/Scout Pools with JD and his girlfriend Ashley, Jodi stayed in camp. This pool is amazing, it must be where God himself goes to swim when nobody's around. JD tried to take this backflip picture at least 7 times, here's the best we got.

The beautiful, if a bit icy, Lake of the Woods.

(left)Here's a very very small portion of Jodi's family. Her brothers Kevin, Justin and herself all worked at Camp Loll. (right) the Conner clan. Delose is sure looking skinny.

We went sailing, and we went to Polar Bear Springs.

The mustache was a hit. I was the original Oscar Garcia. The whole reunion was rad, and it was great to see all the old staff members from over the years.

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  1. Sorry, I know this is forever ago, and you may not even see it, but I googled Camp Loll and found this.

    One point. You aren't the original Oscar Garcia, the original Oscar was a mexican guy that was pushing 300 lbs and was about 5'8". So, even if I squint my eyes really hard, it doesn't work. But, it is a vailant effort. We actually changed the name of the Poncho Villa skit in his honor. Great guy.