Aug 19, 2008

Germany 2008: Part 3- Heavy D

By now you've seen most of the cool pictures on my sister Michelle or Alicia's blog... but you probably haven't seen these yet.
Having Heavy D along meant constant entertainment. Here's some highlights.

David had a hay day with the Czeck guards wholook like they belong in the nutcracker and aren't allowed to smile or move. And here's dave showin off his grampa buns; alicia loved when he did this.

Dave would only call this poor guy apache, navajo-joe etc. And here's the D swimming like a sperm along with a bunch of Czeck currency towards good interest rates.

He called this the "Eye of the Tiger" and he'd do it to you when you least expected it. Ry guy got tired of all the free-style walking Dave put him through.

Turns out Heavy D walks like an ogre.... and he arm wrestled the poor dying guy.

It didn't take long for him to get friendly with some of that famous german (alcohol free) beer. I have no words for this one.

Here he's showing how much he approves of nazis at Dachau (not very much... although Ali looks pretty jolly.) And this one may be my favorite. Family picture time! so what does Heavy D do? Grab a burrito and stuff it in his face while blocking poor baby Aaron's head.

Puttin out the vibe in Claus' lederhosen... and trying to figure out the pee flap.

Nymphenberg castle. Dave got into the spirit of things.

Backwards running in forests and climbing poles on the top of precariously high mountain tops? check.

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