Sep 18, 2008

The Paralympic Race!

The race passed through Tsinghua University and right by the building where my lab is so inbetween experiments we went out and watched the Paralympic racers zoom by. They had already been racing for over an hour and they were still going so fast!
The runners came a few hours later but I didn't get a picture of them.


  1. Holy Smokes! How long were you in China? And Why? That is so awesome! Looks like a amazing place. Too bad we all live vicariously through you.

  2. I've been in China for 3 weeks now for research. My advisor, Dr. Clarke, collaborates with Dr. Pan Wei at Tsinghua University here in Beijing so I came here to use some of their fancy ceramic processing equipment and it just so happened to be during the Olympics.

    Jodi and I will both be coming back to stay for ~3 months sometime next year (probably July, August, September)