Oct 12, 2008

A Little Inspiration

Some of you may wonder at times "I wonder why in the world the Sparks' blog address is ask-a-scientist?". I'm going to answer that question right now. First of all, Taylor decided to go ahead and create/ title the blog without consulting me...but at least I know where it comes from. One of our favorite songs is "We're All In This Together" by Ben Lee.
I love it, and it inspires me.
We're all on this earth for the same purpose and we are in it together.
Those we hate, those we love...all of us...it's a beautiful thing.
So Taylor, the nerdy scientist that he is, was of course drawn to the phrase "ask a scientist, it's quantum physics, that we're all in this together" which we interpret as meaning there is definite proof that we are all connected physically, mentally spiritually...just ask a scientist.
So there you go.
Let yourself be inspired to reach out.

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