Oct 20, 2008

New Friends, Jack-o-Lanterns, Lost bets

Here we are showing Qu Zhixue around town.

Carving pumpkins- it's our favorite party of the year. Jodi and I brought Qu Zhixue, the visiting researcher from China with us. He had definitely never seen anything like that before. I totally made a Temple of Doom out of my pumpkin complete with a huge skull face and 6 bone columns. The shadows it cast were totally awesome. jodi decided to forego her usual amazing sculpture of a pumpkin and just make an artsy one with lots of little holes. The rest of the people's were amazing but you'll have to check the Jeepeadseon's blog to see them in the coming days.

An another frightening note-
FACT: it is quite shameful to have read 3 out of 4 awful teen angst books. (well, technicaly, I guess one was read to me on a long car ride home from utah) FACT: it is also shameful that in an effort to finish said books the night before the quarter started again I burned through a flashlight or two. That said, at least it wasn't all in vane. I won a sweet bet in the process.
My mega awesome best friend Andy Perkins drew a perfect likeness of Seth from a picture we gave him and then he added the most sexy vampire giving him a seducing bite on the neck.

Behold, Seth will never dare make a bet with me. If I had to wear this shirt for a week straight... I think I'd die.

front and back

closer up


  1. i love edward, but that shirt is a little much even for me.

  2. Oh that makes me very very happy. Way to go Andy...and you!