Nov 1, 2008

Worst Halloween Ever

I made a costume which only 5 people saw because Jodi had a sore throat and didn't wanna party. here it is, Pancho villa never looked so good.

As it turns out, everybody looks better with a big pancho villa mustache.

And did I mention I had some wicked awesome bed head the other day?


  1. Oh man, so sorry no one saw your awesome costume. For the record, we think you were halloweentastic. Everyone looks better in a mustache...

  2. Ha ha Tron had some pretty wicked bed head the other day too. I'm sorry you couldn't show people your sweet costume. but I'm pretty sure I've seen that or a very similar costume while you were at camp. So just trust in that, that people have seen it online for a while

  3. What the rooster, I can't even imagine what your greasy little head must have been doing all night long to get such results. And admit it, you really only dressed up so you could post it on your blog anyway. Good work, was a little disappointed you didn't follow through on the giant lego man, but anything with a long mustache and dad's old surfing pancho will do. On the bright side, you could have been stuck home alone with some creepy convicted felon that your husband hired while he was out of town. Not good.

  4. I think I saw Bill grow one of those hairy things one year. It was not pretty. Very Halloweenieish. Ps. Good to talk with you the other night Taytay

  5. first of all the whole P.s. I love! It made me laugh out loud.

    Jodi!! Thanks for the suggestions, I've seen The Baxter, it is top notch. Let me give you a suggestion, Dear back when you're done. I'm off to watch Mozart and the Whale.


  6. I was planning on being El Guapo from the three amigos for Halloween. Great minds think alike, I guess. It din't occur to me though to use a dead squirrel for the 'stache.