Dec 22, 2008

Christmas Mullet

What happens when all the Sparks kids get together? Somebody gets a mullet. Last time it was Aaron... This time it was me.
Behold the glory.
Missouri Compromise, Mississippi Mudflap, Camaro Cut, Hockey Hair, Long Island Iced Tease, Ape Drape, Neck Blanket, Doggy Door, Kentucky Waterfall, Norco Neck-Warmer, Achy-Breaky-Hair, Louisiana Purchase. The name doesn't matter- it's awesome by any name.
A little blow-drying and I look like a black haird Guile from Street Fighter.


  1. hahhahah! i am sooo sad i missed out on seeing that one! haha I am sure there will be more Spark's entertainment before the holidays are over! hahaha see ya soon!

  2. Let it be known far and wide that Taylor was not nor ever will be committed to the mullet. He chickened out this morning and cut it all off. Personally I think he was scared how well it fit him. You're a disgrace to our hillbilly roots!

  3. hey- I woke up and saw that thing lookin back at me in the mirror and I almost got in a fight! Anybody woulda done the same.

  4. Oh that's just sick. Tron's actually going to become the ugliest man on earth soon. He's been growing his hair and beard out for a couple months. This is his goal to have a mustache, mullet, and a neck beard. He'll be wearing a turtle neck, MC Hammer pants, and socks with flip flops or burkenstalks (or however you spell it)

  5. Nasty. You need a Nascar t shirt and one of those squishy beer can holders. Come pounding on my door and your gonna get yourself maced. Mullet Sparks is not my friend.