Mar 15, 2009

ivy league backdoor engage

well, it's official. After my finals next week I am done academically at UCSB and as of today I am accepted at Harvard.
It was a little anticlimatic. No crossed fingers. No anticipation. No belaboured essays and personal statements, letters of recommendation or anything of the sort. In fact, I turned my stuff in like 2 months after their deadline. But regardless it should be interesting. The ivy league will never know what hit em. I'm pretty sure I may be the most hillbilly that ever did find himself a backdoor there yet.

We now know when we're moving. It's final. I go to a conference May17-23 and then immediately I'm off to China for 3 months. I'll return August 25th at which time we are moving to Boston. Turns out Jodi won't be coming along. Anybody got any suggestions for what she should do all summer? Maybe this... or this.... or even this...


  1. very cool taylor, congratulations are in order despite what you say.

    and i think jodi should come hang out with me so we can re-read twilight before the next movie comes out and be obsessed fan girls together.

  2. Congratulations. We are so proud of you. I keep expecting Bill to call me up to brag about his son. Jodi can come to Mesa and get a tan with us.

  3. Hi Grandson.Opa and I wish you the best.Have great time in China.Hope all goes well for you.Jody we love you and you are welcome anytime.I can hear your dad bragging up there thats my Boy.Our prayers and love are with you.

  4. congrats Taylor Jodi should come to CCV!

  5. Yay for you! And I say Jodi shouldn't do any of those things. What she should do is start stretching now, fold up and fit nicely in your suitcase, because being away from ones husband for that long would be not bueno.