Apr 28, 2009

Selling the Mighty Rebel

That's right, my Rebel motorcycle is for sale for only 1700$ It's a screamin good deal! Tell your friends! Go here and see more. It's been a sweet bike to get around with. It gets 75mpg, insurance only costs 10$ a month, you can park wherever you want and chicks- well, Jodi digs it. The bike is only a 250cc, so it's on the small side for sure, but it's freeway legal and everything. I mean, you don't have to be this guy for sure.
I had a dude come and look at it the other day and the guy was huge. He was over 6 foot and 220lbs or so. He dwarfed the poor bike! I couldn't lie to him, even to sell the bike, I had to tell him how ridiculous he looked on the bike. He laughed so hard when I showed him what he looked like on the bike (with the camera on my phone)

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