May 9, 2009


Taylor and I had to get in a trip to the happiest place on earth before leaving California- and probably being the last time to get there without kiddos. Plus Taylor hasn't been there for like 13 years. We had a great time. I've been there so many times that nothing is new to me, but it was just as exciting to watch Taylor do everything that was new to him. And the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure, best thing ever.
These are our sleepy faces at the end of 2 long, fun-filled days. I just realized we didn't get a single picture with any characters.

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  1. You'll be so glad you captured your last trip there without kids. It will be nice to remember when the day goes:


    Tears, diaper change, potty break, snack, nap, another diaper change


    Snacks, potty break, tantrum, nap, lost toy, buy new toy



    Cute pics!