May 28, 2009

I have realized how boring life is without Taylor around. My evenings are pretty pathetic and basically goes as follows:
-check email
-make dinner and eat in front of computer while I...
-look at blogs
-check email
-read the news
-watch the O'Reilly Factor
-desperately search for some new show I could watch online
-talk to myself
-pack a few boxes
-go to bed

At least I made one new discovery that takes me back to a little after school t.v. growing up- NBC has put up episodes of Charles in Charge. How weird is that?


  1. Computers do make terrible husbands. But pretty good boyfriends.

    "Charles in charge of our days and our nights. Charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights...."

    Ahhh, take me back.

  2. Poor Jodi, resorting to Charles in Charge for comfort...If that gets old Aaron and I have indulged a few times in "The A Team". Nothing like Mr. T to get you out of a self pity mode...

  3. you need to look up "pushing daisies" on's a ridiculously cute but kinda morbid show that i am in love with. It will keep you happy for at least 2 seasons. :)

  4. I agree with the "Pushing Daisies". I just barely started watching it on recommendation from a friend and I too find it really really a morbid way :) If you've never seen the show "Chuck" I always recommend that one.

    Hang in there girl! Only a little while to go :) :)

  5. Oh Jodi... sounds like the time of your life! LoL

  6. here's a help with online shows. go to it doesn't matter if you have it or not they have a bunch of tv shows and movies you can watch on there for free old and new. I think it would be very boring and lonely if tron was gone.