Aug 21, 2009


That's right folks. It's me, Taylor. Back from China. And up to adventures like usual. In fact, check out this from today with the Heavy D up at Pineview reservoir on Dave's amazing boat.
Step 1: get on a surfboard with heavy D two man style
Step 2: Have your buff little brother lift you onto his shoulders while keeping balance on a surfboard (not a wakeboard mind you)

Step 3: Get that balance...
Step 4: Amaze fellow boaters

I love my family.


  1. congratulation brother. hi my name is dorsey adi . i am big fan of Beauty and The Geek tv show .this is very good tv show.

  2. Welcome back sir! And I think you're crazy for doing that. danger.

  3. I showed this post to my husband, he now thinks you are the coolest most awesome person in the universe.

    So, if you ever have a bad day just remember there is a blonde husband in provo who thinks you are the raddest.

    -Lisa :)

  4. I´m so glad you´re back. You and Heavy D are insane! And on a surfboard?...