Sep 19, 2009

Classics is no place for a mighty warrior!

Something you probably know about me (Taylor) is that I LOVE a good practical joke. (Please see: jock strap story, twilight t-shirt, ghost noise sensor story, etc...)
So did you really think I could leave for Santa Barbara for good without one last prank on my favorite guy Seth Jeppesen? Nope.

First off, to get the whole joke you might wanna watch this gem.

Secondly, while I was gone in China for the summer my unsuspecting victim was to spend his summer in Greece digging up old nasty archaeology. So I decided that once he left it was the perfect time to have my evil henchman, mad-eye mattos, hang up a picture of seth's face superimposed over King Leonidas of 300.
2 months later all of his fellow grad students and professors had some serious questions about his little poster!
and this picture... just cuz I couldn't resist
keywords: Seth Jeppesen, UCSB Classics department

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