Sep 26, 2009


I tried to tell Taylor that I could not find good, big tortillas anywhere. "Nonsense" he says.
So the next time he's at the store he says to the man, "Where are the tortillas?"

"Tortillas? Uh...there's like some flat bread back there, is that what you mean?"

No, I don't want flat bread.
No tortillas. No Colby Jack cheese. No big (costco) sized bottles of salsa.


  1. I would not be able to attend church in Boston as those are all the ingredients for the chicken quesadillas we eat almost every Sunday as a reward for making it through church.

  2. That is a sad day! Have you checked all the local stores?

  3. What? Our tortillas are next to the "santos" section of the grocery store. Don't you have one of those? Where are you going to buy your candles and incense?

    Aaron would like to rub in the fact that we have like 12 types of tortillas in our fridge right now.

  4. whoa. 3 comments from 3 different michelles. wow.

    and michelle (mcdonough) you only have 12 different types of tortillas because you are mom's daughter. You probably have 17 tubs of sour cream too (that may or may not have gone bad).

  5. I ate fajitas last night just to spite you. And they were delicious...especially with a dollop from each of my 17 different tubs of sour cream.