Oct 29, 2009


Dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses

I'm glad you all liked the yellow dress. I think it is my favorite.
Here's the next:
(try not to notice the strange looking dragon,
Taylor drew his pumpkin design on the back of my paper)

This dress would be a cotton poplin that hits below the knee.
It has cap sleeves, a scalloped neckline, sown in sash that ties in the back,
and back zipper.
It could even have side pockets for extra fun.
I like it in dark lilac and a pink raspberry
I guess my inspiration for this dress is the simple 50's style which I've always liked.


  1. Strange looking dragon! What!?

    There's nothing strange about it! You just wait til my Chinese Trogdor pumpkin totally pwns!

  2. I love your designs! Seriously they are just my style. You are amazing!