Dec 25, 2009

Holiday Hijinks

Of course I wasn't about to let a perfectly good Christmas go by without playing a prank or two.
The Hansen home is always so pristine and perfect, including the wall o'pictures. Go ahead, take a look.

See anything strange? Anything out of place? Anybody ever seen the classic 007 movie "Never Say Never Again." Sean Connery and Kim Basinger never looked so good. So ya, the East coast has been good to us.
mua ha ha ha! It took people approximately 17 seconds to notice.

And what Christmas would be complete without flap face pictures? (FYI flap face = shake face minus the headache) CLICK HERE TO SEE SHAKE FACE PICS


  1. Okay it took me a minute to figure out the photo. Jodi looked like herself but I had to stare at Taylor a few more seconds before it sank in. The wrinkled tatoos were the giveaway.

  2. I saw that right away. Sean's cheeks are not so great on you, but Kim works well with Jodi.