Dec 3, 2009

learning and living

To my mountains that I miss:
see you in 2 weeks!

I've been slacking on my blogging
(and so have many of you by the way! What to you expect me to do with so many hours of free time?)

Not much is going on.
I've been pushing myself to finish reading
The Count of Monte Cristo
*which I started reading in February*
And trying to get my Christmas shopping done- fail

So, here are 10 things I've learned in the last 3 months

1. I went to buy a drain cover, but I couldn't find any so I asked someone...
"Is it for he-a?" she replied
"Uhh...for what??"
"For he-a."
"OH! Yes, for HAIR"
It's possible to live in the same country and speak the same language,
and still not understand each other

2. My car has a horn and I know how to use it

3. The phrase "I'm going to run to the store really quick"...
what is that like a joke?

4. Every month I go to the bank and get 3 rolls of quarters

5. Whoopie pies are yum, and everywhere

6. Many hard core New Englanders think they are real deal Americans because their ancestors like faught in the Civil War and stuff, and people in Texas are mostly stupid
(which is incurable ya know)

7. Book group just read "Common Ground" by J. Anthony Lukas
and is going to read
"Confessions" by Saint Augustine
ya know... just some light reading

8. Nothing about Harvard is cheap...nothing

*Can't I just get a cool sweatshirt for less then $85?*

9. Old man winter knows I'm here from Santa Barbara and is trying to trick me with such lovely December weather...

10. Nothing is pronounced as it is spelled
(i.e. Worcestor = wooster)

Thank you, Boston


  1. Those are some ridiculous book club selections. I had to bow out of my own club about 2 years ago because I never have the time. I'm thinking of starting a magazine club, where we all read, like, People and US Weekly, then get together and discuss.

  2. Hey! I may not be a full blooded Texan yet (although I did just change my phone number to a Texas area code which makes me a step closer) but I resent that New Englanders claim incurable stupidity resides in this great state. :) Sounds like you are having some fun experiences. The thought of cute simple Jodi trying to maneuver around on the East Coast makes me laugh. Love you

  3. Have you had the pleasure of being kissed on the lips by an old New England woman? Just you wait it's coming. ha ha ha And by the by I've done 4 new posts in the past two days.

  4. I have not, but I have watched and laughed really hard while my mom has. My sister's mother in law happens to be one of those ladies