Feb 5, 2010

a real update

Do you ever get the feeling like you traded in something good, for something worse, thinking the worse thing was going to be better?
That's how I feel right now.
Even though deep down I know the worse thing actually is better.
I'm trying not to be a complainer, but ya know somedays it's hard.

"How's Boston?" I get that question every time I talk to someone.
"Well Boston seems to be doing good, but me-
somedays I want to scream"
That's not what I tell them.

But if you really want the raw truth, I'll be honest...
We're poor
(okay not really poor, I mean we have a home and food and clothes
and money in the bank for all the things we need-mostly)
but I desperately miss my old job and knowing that if I were still there, we would have an extra $10,000 in savings right now.
Not to mention the awesome health insurance.
Ya know, that has been an impossible task. Health insurance.
These guys don't want to give it to us, and those guys want us to pay more than we can afford, and they make me laugh and say "that's completely ridiculous"
and in the mean time, we are racking up a bill with the state for not having it.
Now Harvard, well, they make my life more difficult.
That's all I'm going to say about that.

We just don't love it here- yet.
We love all the people we interact with,
and New England really is nice.
It's just hard. It's just life.

We are happy, and life is good...we are hopeful and very blessed.


  1. It's hard to move and be poor. I'm sure it'll get better eventually. And New England is so pretty, so that's gotta help.

  2. I think about you every day. Well, multiple times a day now that I have Taylor's song to listen to.

  3. Oh Jod, I understand. Being pregnant through a long hot summer in Dallas without a job made me think constantly about how much money I was missing out on. Just now am I starting to see why it had to be that way and how I was actually very blessed. Things will get better. You're doing everything you're supposed to and will be blessed for it.
    PS, I absolutely love your Coast to Coast blog. I have and will continue to check it faithfully everyday.
    Love you.

  4. I'm in Boston too, after leaving the paradise of my life in Texas and I feel exactly the same way.

    Frankly, I can't wait to move away to somewhere I can really LOVE again.

  5. We feel your pain in more ways than you think. It's hard when people who aren't going through nearly the same thing say "Hang In There" well duh, what else are you going to do? There are really no words of comfort. But, we understand, and it really makes you appreciate things that maybe you didn't think about before. It also makes you stronger as a couple and in the gospel. Lucky us for having the gospel right? Honestly. By the way Jack and I were lying in bed last remnicsing about the snow balls hitting our window late on night and Jack trucking out in his G's with a Fire poker. ah, good times.