Mar 9, 2010

Take Me Home Country Roads

Telling our east coast friends about life in the west
has really made me miss it.
It's so much more exciting to describe the mountainous ranges and wide open spaces that are so unique to that area, to people who have never seen it.
...I remember going camping as a kid, exploring the wilderness
and singing to John Denver in the car...
I'm no Cowgirl, but I definitely have country in me.
I'm from Utah, what do you expect?

The ranch near Cedar City, UT

Bechler Meadows
Yellowstone 2005

Teton range and Snake River
I can't give proper credit because I don't know where we found it- but it's one of our favorites


  1. Are you lonely for the cold Utah?

  2. I wonder if I'll miss Utah when we move. I know I'll miss my family, but I'm not really outdoorsy so I'm not so sure I will