Mar 19, 2010

visitors and sunshine

We have visitors in town.
I love having visitors.

My sister and her daughter came all the way from sunny Florida,
but you know what's funny?
It was warmer here than it was there. Ha! Take that.

After a weekend that flooded everybody's basements,
the sun decided to come out and the weather has been Glorious.

We wandered through the city yesterday and witnessed the many
St. Patrick's Day festivities.
And I didn't get a single picture of it. Boo. We saw so many crazy things.
Irish music was pouring from every pub
(and there's a lot of Irish pubs here).
I think everyone was feeling extra lucky because the sun was shining.

And I had my very. first. Canoli.
See look...

And then we ended the night with Crepes.
Double Yum

Now try and tell me you don't want to come visit...


  1. We want to come! Derek was seriously looking at how much tickets would cost

  2. I like that the only pictures you took involved food. My kind of girl. We need to come out there snowed here today and I'm a bit bitter about the whole situation.

  3. Don't worry, I'm coming next month. From the looks of Taylor's picture, I think he might be eating crack instead of crepes.

  4. I like visitors too. I wish we could come to Boston. it looks so pretty. And that canoli looks de-lici-ous.