Apr 17, 2010

the British are coming...

I've always known there were guys who dress up in uniforms and reenact battles from the Revolutionary and Civil wars, and are like, ya know, really into it.

I think it's totally awesome, and it is my pleasure to now share with you my first reenactment experience. April 19 marks the anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary war, so appropriately enough it is a major holiday in Massachusetts and there are events all weekend.

As the battle moves down the road, so do all of the people watching. It was tricky to get really great, sharp pictures because we were almost constantly moving and maneuvering between the crowd. And I was trying to hold the umbrella to keep the camera from getting too wet.

I think Taylor needs in on this action, what do you say?
Next Summer, I think we need to go to Gettysburg.

America is awesome.


  1. I live next door to one of those dudes.

  2. America IS awesome.

    As are these pictures.

    And all those dudes.

  3. I love love LOVE that you went to this and that people do it. Man, I wish we lived on the east coast. And yes, Taylor should join in

  4. What an awesome photo op. I hope there are still fun things going on when we come out next week. Can't wait to spend some time in Boston

  5. ya right mom, we'll believe it when you actually arrive.