Apr 7, 2010

Feel Good

Today I went running. Whatever, right?

Just the thought of running makes me want to scratch my eyes out.
I was pretty good at it in Santa Barbara thanks to the inspiration from this gal and to my devoted running buddy, Brenda.

And then I moved and all was lost.

I have spent the last 7 months indoors, really. Okay, not really, but between winter, being a nanny, and spending most days at home alone- I didn't get out much.

Completely my fault, it's true.

The weather over the weekend was so perfect, we were able to get out a few times between General Conference sessions and bask in the glory of it.

Why haven't I been doing this more? I asked myself.

So Today, I'd had enough. I threw on my running shoes and took off running 5 miles without stopping... That's how I wish it had happened anyway.

I actually made it about 40 feet and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But I kept chugging along, and in the end was satisfied with the distance I traveled. Thank goodness for the Minute Man bike trail, because I am not a through-the-neighborhood kind of runner. At the end of the run I had a sit at our favorite Spy Pond feeling victorious and taking a minute to listen to the sounds of spring and what God might have to say to me. You know what else I did? I felt happy about where I was. Here. Not missing SB- of course I'll always miss it- but happy that I was sitting there in my sit spot in New England.
This is my sit spot -pic taken in Sep
There's nothing like a good day when the sun is shining (and it's 75 degrees at 10 pm).
Now if I can just keep running...

Have a little feel good here


  1. Maybe you could run further if you weren't wearing flip flops?


  2. Haha...I wasn't wearing flip-flops. You are supposed to know that picture was from a different day- who takes their camera running with them?

  3. for the record- even though Jodi has turned the page and likes Boston now, I have not. Boo Boston!

  4. That walking trail is gorgeous!! I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. At any rate, I'm glad to hear that Jodi is at least warming up to the place ;)

  5. Yay for happiness in Boston! I miss you.


  6. Jodi running? That's like saying a cat runs for recreational purposes! Not true, they lounge in the sun and look cute. I'm so proud....and that trail looks amazing. I can almost smell the trees.

  7. I'm glad you clarified when the picture was taken. I was thinking "her running shoes are flip flops?" Way to go running...I don't do that...ever. For I too think of scratching out my eyes when it comes to running

  8. Way to go Jodi! Ya know, since I lost you to Boston, I haven't been a diligent runner either. The other day I thought about it and decided to do my kick boxing video instead. My legs still hurt. I wish you were with me.