May 28, 2010

breach of etiquette

Yo! funny story-
We love walking along the Bund, this ritzy, europeanish area along the river. It is all lit up, bright and fancy. We were there last night with my Mom and my aunt Peggy and we were looking out over the river when these young chinese dudes saw Jodi's blond hair and wanted a picture with her. The guy insisted on taking a bunch and Jodi was laughing and embarrassed. Then the guy was like "kiss kiss!" My mom blew up laughing, I didn't hear it, but then Jodi was like "No! no no no! I kiss kiss him!" pointing at me and showing her ring. They were way embarrassed and were laughing a lot. Anyway, later that night I'm heading to the bathroom and that same dude walks right up to me and starts chit-chatting with me as we walk into the bathroom. Then he single handedly broke every Guy's Bathroom Rules of Etiquette that there is. He walks up to two free stalls right next to eachother, he takes the far one, looks me right in the eye and points smiling to the one right next to it and says "this one." I politely decline and walk to the other side of the room where I can be at least one empty stall away from other peeing dudes (as per bathroom etiquette). Then the dude, who has already started peeing, either pinches or paints the floor because he walked across the room with his pants down and takes the stall next to me and then starts chattin it up in Chinese. (major breaches of etiquette) It was pretty dang awkward, all the guys in the room were looking over at this point. Pretty hilarious. I can only imagine what crazy adventures today will bring as we head to the World Expo today


  1. Two words...Adult Depends. Good luck. You know Bill would be laughing about this pottie thing.

  2. Dude, that is hilarious! I hate to use bathroom humor on this one, but I almost peed my pants! Simply amazing!