May 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We didn't settle on a place to live until the week before we came out. Taylor had been searching craigslist for apartments, and stumbled upon this humble abode. He emailed back and forth to Woody, and told him our price- 3200 RMB.

Bad news, Taylor told me on the phone, he won't go less than 4,000.

I wanted to cry. I really wanted this place- it looked nice, and it was close to Taylor's work. This process was so frustrating. But I still had hope. After all, Woody is Chinese, and the Chinese won't sell something without putting you through a fight first. Once they can see you are really walking away it's "okay okay okay"

Good news,
Taylor said, he'll take 3200.

So here we are. I figured you would like to see our place. Going into this process I had the lowest of expectations- I didn't want to set myself up for something I may not get. But here I am living very comfortably, and with a maid no less.

This is a window in our bathroom...

It looks out into the kitchen, which I continue to hope does not create for an awkward situation. We hope to have it covered soon.

The newer kitchen was an addition to the back of the house (hence the window in the bathroom), the roof and walls are window- I like the effect.
This is the door to our bedroom

Check out our sweet Doraemon bedding


  1. Your place looks really cool! Very different than what I expected.

  2. Your place looks awesome! I wish we had a maid.

  3. LOVE IT! It's so nice when you can find a place that you feel is home AND is at a reasonable rate!

  4. Thanks for the updates on your China adventures. We love hearing how you and Taylor are doing. By now your mom and Peggy should be there ready for their adventure. Love you guys.