May 8, 2010

Hot Dogs and Poetry

Today was filled with cheese, at least the hot dogs were. Before Taylor's departing, we had one last hoorah with a few friends who invited us to BBQ. The bacon wrapped, cheese filled hot dogs were amazing. They filled my tummy, and my arteries.

Are you hungry yet?

The evening was spent at Harvard, at the Dudley House Library for Taylor's very first poetry reading. When we arrived in the old room full of books, there was a small crowd mingling. We awkwardly nibbled on some cheese and cookies and chatted with each other. A guy made his way over to Taylor and asked

Are you...Taylor?


I thought so, you are the only person in here who looked like they could write something like that.

I'm not sure what that means. Interestingly enough, majority of the individuals published in the literary review were scientists, and not English majors.

Taylor is leaving to Indiana for two weeks. We ordered a laptop for me, but it won't be here for a few more days. I won't have a job or a computer or tv, seriously people what am I going to do!? I'm hoping the computer takes closer to 5 days rather than 10. Either way, you may not be hearing from me on here or the photo blog for a few days.


  1. Jodi... I think you should visit the library and use their computers. Ten days without your updates may be too much.

  2. Was the hot dog thing just to remind us that you haven't gone all "harvard" on us...there is still a lot of hillbilly tucked in there somewhere...under the easy cheese is my guess.

    We love you Jod, good luck entertaining yourself for the next little while. you can always come out here if you get too bored. :)

  3. Yes to library. Get yourself about 20 books, a good series if you can, and then after going on walking tours of the city during the day and writing down your thoughts in a notebook, read.

    At least that is what I would do. If you need a good series from the YA section, I just finished number two of a cute little historical fiction, the first one is called Blood Red Horse.

    Indiana is my number one work destination over the last year. Nice people.