May 1, 2010

Science Baby

I usually don't go a whole week without blogging, but I just didn't feel like it the last several days. Taylor has been busy wrapping up this semester, giving his final presentations. I have to admit, the last several months have been pretty nice for me- he usually comes home with no work to do, leaving all the science behind at school.

But he always has science on the brain. There's no escaping that.

We had company, which we always love. Love love. Taylor's mom and sister came to visit, bringing along one small person of 6 months and her delicious baby rolls.

She just couldn't get enough of Taylor singing "Thunder, thunder...thunder Cats!" to her as he'd bounce her mostly naked body around. I'm telling you people, he couldn't get enough of that baby. He's nearly 30 now, a changed man.

And she couldn't get enough of her momma's face.

She has these cheeks that are just remarkable. Many times I thought to myself- Self, when did you turn into the creepy aunt that can't stop pinching cheeks?

I proceeded
to pinch said delicious cheeks, as had become my regular habit, when Taylor joins in. Rather than saying something normal like, "She's like a squirrel storing food in there" he says:

"She's got to be storing data in there."

Science on the brain.


  1. ha ha data cheeks. But those cheeks are so cute. gotta love chubby babies. they're just so kissable

  2. adorable, being one of those 'aunties' is priceless!

  3. She is so precious! I love to squeeze the cheeks!