Jun 29, 2010

Soccer Zombies

Man I'm excited for the world cup. I have been watching almost every game. I have Argentina going all the way! With a team composed nearly entirely of superstars, including the world's best, Lionel Messi they just might do it.Next up is our biggest match so far. Germany, the same team that eliminated us in 2006 at the same stage (quarterfinals). I was checking some pictures of Germany when I came across this one.
notice anything strange?

Go ahead, look again.

Zombie! I knew German soccer fans were dangerous, but here's proof!
Now, we Sparks are nothing if not wily and we do love a good bet. So me and my sister made a new bet. If Argentina goes further than Spain then I get to make her eat whatever crazy Chinese food I choose. If Spain goes further it's vice versa. Here are a few of the top possibilities so far.
Duckblood Soup
Cow Stomach Lining
Duck Head
Furry Snake
Goat Penis
Pig Intestine

Pig Stomach

Pig Tail

Sea Worm
Any preferences? My vote goes to the Goat Penis.


  1. You have taken soccer love to a whole new level.

    It's close but I vote duck blood soup.

  2. Jodi! That food is so nasty! My vote is for goat penis.

    Have you had to eat any of this weird stuff or can you stick to pretty mainstream food?

  3. Alright wise guy. Animal genitalia is taking this bet to a whole new level! But you're just giving me ideas for what I'll have you eat when Spain dominates the World Cup! Keep 'em comin!

  4. I love me some chinese food. But really, only the americanized deep fried yummy stuff. My vote also goes for goat penis. Just the idea of it makes me want to vomit. But atleast they're using everything from the animal, right?