Jun 7, 2010

Yay for friends, keeping busy, and Chinese massages

I apologize now for writing a boring post with not such good pictures. I am behind, and am just providing an update.

You should be glad to know that I did not get kidnapped in the park. The people were very nice, but very disappointed to know I will only be here until August. I thought I made that clear on the phone, but I don't think either of us were understanding each other. She thought maybe if she tried really hard to convince me, I might stay here to teach for one year, and it would make her "heart smile". So, no official teaching job for now.

On Friday I finally made it out of the house with some friends. I met up with a few girls from church and we went to volunteer at a small orphanage that is for babies with cleft pallets. The volunteers are needed to just come and hold the babies. They were each so beautiful, and I fell in love instantly. I hate to see babies with no mommies, but I was so glad these babies were very well-cared for. I look forward to going back.

Shopping here is so overwhelming, but so fun too. We spent Saturday afternoon with Stephen and Deborah doing plenty of bartering. We ate hamburgers for lunch that were delicious, but definitely tasted like China. I'm sure you can't quite imagine what I mean. It was huge, and had egg on it. That night we had our first Chinese foot massage...less than $5 for one hour! I would say I was probably in more pain that pleasure, and Taylor was giggling for most of it because it tickled, but it was so fun and my feet felt great afterward.


  1. Wait! Did you seriously just say $5 for 1 hour????? H-E-A-V-E-N.

  2. Okay why the heck didn't we do that every night that we were there. I could have really used that. My feet are still hurting from China!