Aug 16, 2010

Dave's Wedding, Yellowstone, Tetons!

(NOTE: click to make any of the following pictures bigger. I accidentally made them small)

We are home!!! After 3 amazing months in China our adventure has brought us back home. We got back just in time for my little brother's wedding. I was really excited to see my cute nieces.Here's Dave on his last night as a single man. Nice jams D.We got some good pictures taken
this is my favorite baby- The MEGABABY!!! That point means she loves ya.
The luncheon was pretty great. We took it easy on Dave and didn't embarrass him too badly.
This baby was wiggly and dangerous with her forks. Not as fun as the megababy.
The reception center was in gorgeous Wolf Creek. I love Utah!
the fam.
Dave had like 27 groomsmen. They were pretty entertaining. At the end of the night we all jumped in the pool and had a good ol' hillbilly time.
We got some great pictures taken.
Bill and Amanda, our super good friends from Boston even made it out for the trip.
The next morning we got up before 4am in the morning and drove up to Camp Loll, our favorite place on the planet. We explored this super awesome haunted house on the rollercoaster road.
Bill couldn't get enough of the wheat fields and beautiful scenery.
Amanda couldn't get enough of how ridiculously happy Bill was.
we got to camp in good time and started our 16 mile hike by 11am (kind of late) but we hiked fast and loved it when we finally arrived at Scout Pool and Union Falls. Scout Pool is a naturally warm river swimming hole where the water temperature, depth and speed is perfect for swimming. I'm convinced God must sneak there when nobody is around to take a dip himself.
Here's bill getting a sweet back massage from the waterfall.
We were sad to leave and start our 8 mile hike back.
Here we are after climbing up Cardiac Hill
The next day we woke up early again and headed into Yellowstone to see the wonders there. Bill was mega stoked.
and who wouldn't be?
Here we are at Artist Point overlooking the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
Andy and his girlfriend Cara were always off smoochin.
here's a rare sighting of them not staring at each other.
We also went to the Dragon's mouth, Hayden's Valley, Firehole river and Old Faithful, but I didn't seem to get any pictures of those places. Oh well.

The next day we woke up early (again!) and sat in the freezing cold Polar Bear Spring.
it was a little too cold for Amanda.
Bill insisted the victorious picture was only for those who braved the cold.
We then headed for the Tetons. I saw a bear like 50 feet behind to fisherman crossing a creek and they didn't even see it behind them!
We stopped at Jenny Lake and we would have hiked Cascade Canyon but we were pretty cold.
I took the group to the uber beautiful and hard to find Tetons barn.
Ridiculous car games happened the whole time because Andy's dad was good enough to let us use his van, Tranny.
Jackson Hole was as fun as ever.
We checked out the Bar-J Wranglers that night and had a lot of fun even while we were waiting. This Indian had Andy hands. Bill had to put his up just to prove how normal hands should look.
Bill and the bear
Cara put the moves on the mountain man. He fled like Joseph with Potipher's wife...
...but then he got inappropriate with Andy who seemed concerned...
... and more interested in the bear.
Bill is just exactly like my Dad- he insisted on talking to everybody he met! It was really fun actually.
The show was really great, it was too dark for pictures though. That night we camped out and watched the meteor shower. I love all the stars you can see out west! We roasted marshmallows, had a campfire, talked and talked and right when we were about to fall asleep Bill decided to unleash hell fury and set off the car alarm! Andy couldn't find the keys forever and the other campers nearby were probably pretty mad.

The next morning we started our drive home. We stopped to get cheese and cheeseburgers from the Star Valley Cheese factory and then continued onto Lava Hot Springs where we floated the river and enjoyed the hot pools! Here's bill going over the falls.
it was really fun!
Jodi kept getting trapped in whirlpools and had to swim her way out.
This waterfal ate Andy for lunch! (and most everybody else)
Amanda definitely got it the worst though when she tried out the double tube.

Finally we got back home to Utah and I showed our boston friends the super awesome Utah past-time of iceblocking.
It was a wonderful welcome back home to America. We'll miss China, but I'm certain that wasn't the last time we'll live there. Now we just have to unpack all of our boxes and get back to school.


  1. The bear is now planning to fork you in your sleep for saying that you don't love her. We are offended.

  2. oh man your trip looks like it was awesome! and Jodi your hair looks way cute! I love it! it really is strange being home! good but strange. I agree that it is so easy to forget it all and yet something little can bring it all back. :) we miss you two!

  3. The haunted house looks amazing! I would love to go check that place out when I have some time. I need to get back to Wyoming sometime and check out some of these cool places. Thanks for posting this! It looks like an awesome trip!