Sep 23, 2010

Conference in Chicago

My summer long trip to China wouldn't be complete without a conference at the end to present my findings! I've had just enough time to finish my experimental measurements, analyze the data and whip up a poster. I followed the same template as last time and, happily, this time my advisor didn't tell me that it "needs more color."

Here it is:
And there's a "creative China photo contest" too, so I had a really hard time picking from all of  Jodi's amazing photos from the summer. I settled on this one. Wish us luck!


  1. LOVE this photograph! (I would compliment Taylor's poster too but I don't speak genius!)

  2. Very cool. I hope everything goes well with Taylor's science stuff. As for Jodi I love the photo. You didn't tell me you were taking pictures of! (I should of knew already since it's Jodi I'm talking about). But I bet your other photos are amazing too and would like to see those as well. Good Luck!

  3. Shamelessly to ask... would you post your template?