Oct 16, 2010

Mom, Michelle, Squawkbox & Pumpkins

 We were super stoked to have Mom, Michelle, and Squawkbox to come visit this last week.
 Gelatto was clearly more interesting than the Paul Revere statue.
 At Walden Pond...
 The Squawkbox had some pretty awesome morning  hair.
 Squawkbox wasn't entertained by pumpkins
 Ipswitch at Crane Beach. Man was it windy!!

 Mt. Auburn park is as awesome as ever.
 The squawkbox flippin loved shoulder rides. She may have been filling her diaper while she was up there though.
 Beth's pumpkin
 Adam's pumpkin
  Bob bought this mega crappy electric carver that didn't even work, but that didn't stop him from making a puking pumpkin.
 Tory and Amanda's ultra rad white ghost pumpkin
 Here's Bill's bumpkin pumpkin

 I decided to make a wicked awesome chinese dragon complete with wings, chompers, loopdy-loop and tail.


  1. Lame. We didn't even get our own post...just had to lump us in with a bunch of pumpkins. At least we were first...