Nov 19, 2010

Argentine Food Night

We were tempted to go to "Tango", an Argentine restaurant this week, but we decided instead to have friends over and make Argentina food! We made some espectacular empanadas, ensalada rusa, panqueques argentinos, and salad. Of course we didn't do it alone, we did have our very own Maestro of a chef, Mauricio Gatica who just got here from Argentina a few months ago.

Bill was fascinated with all the new people, he would be speaking his best spanish to Mauricio one minute, and then quizzing our friend Myca on her awesome flower business the next. When it came time to actually make the empanadas we all tried our hand at it. Everyone saw how hard those babies are to pinch together beautifully! Bill kept squashing his into mutilated shapes and then pretending I'd done it! No way Bill! And for the record, he still, could not beat a wolf in 1 on 1 combat, he would end up making more painful noises than this lady.

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