Dec 3, 2010

Physicists reading Vampire Novels

So the other day I went to print some research papers and found that somebody had printed like 300 pages of a steamy vampire novel on the 5th floor Physics graduate students printer! Whatever scientist did that was an evil genius! I was so mad that I hadn't thought of a prank like that first that the next day when the stack of papers was still there, complete with a color photo cover I took them and went back to my office where I stapled them and left them on poor Kian's desk with a note that said "Kian, I need you to proofread this for me by Monday -Shriram" (his advisor)
It was hilarious. We are always leaving stuff on his desk. We left two big phones one day, somebody left a huge tiger woods poster and both Home Alone videos on VHS.
 I'm not gonna lie, this mini prank got me in the mood for an even bigger office prank. Stay tuned, and watch your back. Bill, I'm lookin at you!

By the way, only in grad school will you find a white board in the lunchroom, and only at Harvard Physics will you find this diagram on it.

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