Feb 25, 2011

At least the rain today is melting the snow...

I've had a bad case of the winter blues. This is why Santa Barbara and I got along so well. No real winter. No blues. I've spent too many days for too many months inside my small apartment doing the same sorts of things.

I have to get out, I say.

But I don't like going out. Not usually. Not here in this weather. It's cold and icky, and in my current state I usually have to go to the bathroom within like 5 minutes.

Work on your drawing, I hear Taylor repeat almost everyday.

I have this huge drawing of Santa Barbara I've been working on for probably about a year. Isn't that ridiculous? I need to just get it over with. Maybe I'm just afraid, because it makes me remember everything I miss about that time. I always remember riding our bikes together in the pleasant evenings down past the slough to the beach to watch the sunset. I'd have the perfect song playing on my ipod and the wind against my face and I would think
I am so happy. Right now.I am not a winter person. I don't appreciate having four distinct seasons. I just like the warm sun on my face. Is that so bad? The Sparks are all headed to Costa Rica tomorrow, and don't get me wrong, that's where I would love to be right now...unfortunately it's a little out of the budget, too much time off work, and 8 months pregnant isn't how I want to see Costa Rica.

Please Spring, come soon.

Here's a great video to warm the heart.


  1. Come on Jod, all the pregnant ladies are heading to Costa Rica. It's not too late. Plus if you birth the baby in the jungle you can officially name him something like "Rambo" or "mowgli". You know something real cool.

  2. Dont worry... March is coming... and March sounds so much warmer than February. At least that is what I keep telling myself:)

  3. I feel the pain of hating the winter, but the end is coming soon.