Mar 13, 2011

8 months and random thoughts

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I was bored, and decided to do a little photoshop on my monthly belly picture. Besides, I think the door in the apartment makes for an ugly background. Know that I shamelessly stole this idea from someone else (who was also more diligent and posted weekly pictures). So we are officially at 33 weeks, and however many more to go only this baby knows- we're hoping for 7.

With Spring feeling much closer these days, my mood has been lighter and with that comes imagining happy things. I was laying in bed the other night, and randomly thought to myself
If I had to sum up the best parts of life in a list of 5, what would they be?

So in no particular order, here's what I'm thinking:

-Enjoying really good food. I always think of the scene from Chocolat where they are at a dinner party, we hear slow and passionate symphony music...eyes are closed, mouths are chewing, all you hear is happy mmming.

-Warm, sunny mornings and perfectly pleasant evenings. Everyday on my morning bus ride to college, I would turn on my ipod, enjoy the sun on my face, and listen to this song. And almost everyday I dream of when I have my own porch to enjoy breakfasts and dinners on, and a garden to spend mornings and evenings in.

-Music, of most varieties

-Being with people I love

-Vast variety of culture all over the world

Share your happy thoughts...what is your list?


  1. Ummm.. We are totally cut from the same cloth. I love Chocolat and I love that scene. It's amazing how much you dream and want for the baby to be out of your tummy and in your arms. You are having a baby at the most perfect time of the year! The warm sun, flowers, and a new baby! I can't wait!!!

  2. I'm happiest in the early morning hours, when I'm up before the kids.

    And PS - Will you please use your Photoshop skills to make me look THAT fit & adorable when I'm 8 months pregnant? (I should warn you that it will involved much more than just erasing a door...)

  3. You hardly look pregnant! Where is your bowling ball shaped gut?! You disgust me. My baby will eat your baby for breakfast judging by the growth rate...

  4. You look so cute! I am not a cute pregnant lady. ha ha I love that scene in Chocolat, but I've never thought the food actually looked good. Being with Tron as we watch Oliver play around and hearing him giggle. That's when I'm happiest. Oh and morning snuggle time

  5. Yea for 8 months! You guys are 1 month ahead of us

  6. You look terrific and I love your shirt and cardigan.

  7. You look amazing for 8 months. I get huge. Good luck with the rest of it. You guys are going to be amazing parents!