Apr 23, 2011

If you asked me today, I would tell you not to move to Boston

We're on the apartment hunt. Having a meager income in an expensive city getting ready to have a baby motivates us to save some money, and since rent equals 63% or our income (yup, yup, uh huh...not that we will be able to save that much by moving) I have been searching craigslist for weeks and have contacted a long list of people, but here's the thing... What's wrong with realtors around here? If someone contacts you because they are interested in your apartment, shouldn't you anxiously jump on that ship and make some money? I've had approximately 3 people get back to me, and with a serious lack of energy or desire to sell.

Apartments around here are OLD, and therefore many are slathered in lead paint. The problem with this is lead paint + children= against the law. I swear every time I find the perfect apartment...it's not deleaded. S.O.L.

I've been turned down or ignored by multiple people specifically because we will have a baby. Here's the conversation that took place today while we were looking at a place and the landlord had been very friendly and telling us what a great apartment it was:

Landlord: Do you have any other questions?
Me: Do you know if it is deleaded?
Landlord: Hmm...I'm not sure, I'd have to check the books, you know?
Me: Sure yeah, we're having a baby so... (because you obviously didn't notice that)
Landlord: Oh....
Well this is not good place you know, there is no space for a child to play.
Me: Well yeah, we will be moving in a year so that doesn't matter (besides, does ANY apartment here have space for a child to play??)
Landlord: Ah, well, yes, I remember now...this apartment is not deleaded. No. Sorry. What can you do?


The fruitless hunt continues.


  1. wow, i've never even heard of the phrase deleaded...what a pain that you have that to factor in to your search as well. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, and hoping that something AMAZING will turn up for you guys.

  2. Boo! I think the landlord has been eating some of that lead. :(

    Hope you find the perfect place!

  3. I think that's pretty common practice out there... discriminating against those with children. My brother-in-law and his wife got the exact same treatment. It got so bad they thought they would never find a place. But they did! So don't give up. Sorry you have to deal with such hassles before the baby comes. Good luck!