May 30, 2011

We're Having a Heat Wave

But nobody in this house likes it hot. We've all resorted to wearing the least amount of clothing possible when we're at home.
Poor baby just can't handle it at times...he has remained mostly comatose in the afternoon heat, occasionally taking a peek to assess the situation. After a nursing session he comes away looking like he just came back from a swim.

It's been like 20 minutes since I wrote that last paragraph...I've sat here motionless without peeling my eyes from Scrubs...too hot to move.


  1. You're having a heat wave and we woke up to snow on our tent Monday morning! This weather is CRAZY!

    But he's cute anyway. :)

  2. Oh that's awful! Esp with a new baby, but on the plus side he looks so cute even when he's mad

  3. Wow...Little Atticus looks so much like Bill when he was a baby. That Sparkie gene must be super strong. Hope to meet him before he goes on his mission.