Jul 9, 2011

The Fourth of July in Utah (2011)

 The promised pictures (with minimal typing, too tired)
 dad's killer side smile

 testing out the grass
 1 baby built for science. 1 baby built for brute strength.
 Baby blessing July 4th 2011
 HIS VERY FIRST CALCULATION!!!! (check out his tiny unstaged hand! he knows where the goods are)

 up at the cabin with the Jeppy's and their jolly baby
 hiking with dad
 dominoes in the rain was never so fun. seriously.
 grampa watching the babies- and popsicles
 chelle and aaron + family

 atticus can't be bothered on vacation

 more up at the cabin
 out on puffer lake

puffer lake landscape


  1. Thanks Taylor for the pictures.Everyone looks so good.

  2. Looks like a great time! Makes us miss you more! Atticus is a handsome kid!