Sep 1, 2011

4 months

Recently I read the line "the days are long, but the years are short". So true. Some days I crash when it's over, but time goes too quickly.

Speaking of which, can you believe Summer is pretty much over? We've enjoyed ours, although we did much less than I had anticipated or imagined we would. Isn't that how it always goes? During the long winter months, you dream about summertime and all the wonderful things you are going to do. Then suddenly it's September and you realize you hardly did any of them.
When I was in high school, my friends would often ask, "Why would you want to waste your entire summer working at scout camp?!" When I would ask my friends what they did over their summer, I usually heard "I dunno...slept in...watched tv...nothing". Exactly.

And here's a couple pictures for memories sake...
Those summers were the best. The best!