Oct 15, 2011

Atticus prepares for Movember

Also, 10 points to the first person who can spot when the store in front of our house got robbed last night.


  1. Anyone ever tell you your kid sounds like a pterodactyl? Ohh! Or those creepy flying monsters in Lord of the Rings. Nerd husband tells me they are called "Nazguls".

    LOVE the onesie. I must make one.


  2. My awesome sister Michelle got that onesie for us!
    (maybe she made it??) And if you think THAT was pterodactyl/Nazgul, you ain't seen nothin! He specializes in screeching eels at 5:30 AM

  3. I must get that app. And the app/onesie/screech combo is priceless. Oh, and any good Princess Bride fan should know that they were shrieking eels, not screeching eels.

  4. Ha! I knew right after typing it that it was shrieking and I wondered how long til someone caught it. The app is geico brostache I think.

  5. LOL! This has to be the best app ever.