Oct 23, 2011

Oh great, now we're gonna be haunted

My dad was an avid falconer. We had tons of falcons and hawks growing up. Here's a picture

Well, apparently my mom was driving home from Trapper's Loop and hits what she thinks was a hawk with her car. This morning she tells my little brother and when he goes out to the car to investigate he finds this

Could our family get anymore hillbilly? Mom's got a good 4 pounder of hawk drumstick hanging off her headlight with it's talons outstretched and she doesn't even notice!

To quote my sister Alicia "Oh great! Thanks a lot mom. So much for the beautiful analogy that dad's spirit is soaring like a hawk now. I can never think of a bird of prey the same again." 
Dad is totally haunting us now.


  1. Can I just say in my defense that the stupid bird was flying really low. I thought Eagles were supposed to soar not try to cross the road like a chicken. But you're right, your father is probably not very happy about this. Worse part is I can't get the stupid thing out from under my headlight. My car is going to start smelling soon. Let the haunting begin!

  2. That story is hilarious! Seriously, so awesome! Miss you guys!