Nov 19, 2011

And now an infomercial for the Ladies...

The Coobie Bra. Best. Bra. Ever.

I love it so much, I'm talking about underwear on my blog (I'm sure Taylor is not going to love this). I bought one while I was in Florida 2 months ago and I am ready to load up on more, just like the woman at the shop promised.
No seams.
No wires.
Just the right amount of removeable padding.
One size fits all (what!? No way, you are thinking), awesome for being pregnant and nursing.
The straps won't fall off, and they unhook so it can easily be used for nursing.
They come in a truck load of different colors, and the lacy kind looks like a camisole.
And the best part, they aren't expensive!
They even sell varieties of camisoles.

Now go, GO, get a Coobie ra right now!


  1. WTF Jodi! W.T.F.?! This isn't Oprah blog! We don't do blog commercials! I'm fighting fire with fire- next up is my consumer report for jock itch cream or something equally manly and uncomfortable.

  2. Jodi- I'm so glad I saw this. I've been trying to figure out what kind of "undergarment" to get for when I go walking. Taylor- I disagree with you, this is truly helpful info!!


  3. I love it and the fact that Taylor is so seriously disturbed about it makes this that much better :)